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Three Ways
Equation (204)

Hello !
This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab. I hope you will enjoy it.
I'm still working on it, so it's not finished. I will add a system to change the size of the game on the screen, change the menu screen, and add a config to move with the arrows. You can tell me if you find bugs or things to improve.
If the screen is oversized, you can go to this link :
You enjoyed the game ? Don't forget to upvote !
Now available : gold rush ! Go on the paddle to earn gold !
Have fun !
(Sorry for my bad English, this game comes from France ;)

GeumjuKim (19)

51 this is rly fun
rhymes kinda



thenullified (167)

record 65 and counting

cerbers (3)

ce jeu est tellement bien
pourrais tu rajouter un highscores juste pour le fun et pouvoir se comparer avec des amis

Pythonier (316)

Wow! This game is awesome!

Caleb117 (2)

This is a fun game. made it past level two, and still can't stop playing!!! :)

Equation (204)

@Caleb117 It has been made for ;) thanks for playing

Fire_Kiwi (17)

Darn Hi-Contrast mid game is this some kind of Dino game rip-off?
Just kidding!

Equation (204)

@Fire_Kiwi Lol, thanks for playing !

SakuraKimiko (5)

Hello its me again , sorry if I bother you every now and then but will you kindly help me with this coding

I send you a signup code a week ago, I made a few improvements, but its still needs further improvement

the code is as follows


print ("*Welcome to****")

while True:
alreadymember=input("Already a member?:")

if alreadymember=="Y" or alreadymember=="y" or alreadymember=="Yes" or alreadymember=="yes" or alreadymember=="YES":

    member=input("Enter User Name:")

    if member in memberlist:
        print ("Welcome", (member))
        print((member),"not found")
if alreadymember=="N" or alreadymember=="n" or alreadymember=="No" or alreadymember=="NO":
    signup=input("Would you like to signup?:")
    if signup=="yes" or signup=="YES" or signup=="Yes" or signup=="Y" or signup=="y":
        print("Kindly fill the following form")
        First_name=input("Enter Your first name:")
        print("First Name=:",(First_name))
        Second_name=input("Enter Your last name:")
        print("Second Name=:",(Second_name))
        Age=int(input("Enter Your age:"))
        Username=input("Enter your username:")
        print("Welcome to the Team",(First_name))
    if signup=="no" or signup=="NO" or signup=="No" or signup=="N" or signup=="n":  
        print("Enjoy browsing, hope you change your mind")

the link is mentioned below

You will notice that when you type No or no NO it wont ask the question would you like to signup, only on smaller n or no it would ask that,
not to mention when it asks you are you already a member and you say yes, even if you are not, it does respond member not found however I want it to ask would you like to sign up
rather it asks again already a member

how do I fix it

Thank You



Equation (204)

@SakuraKimiko Hello !
I have created a new repl with comments to explain you what was the problem and some advices.
You can ask me if you have any questions
I hope it will be useful.

SakuraKimiko (5)

@Equation Thank you again for your help
it was very helpful, I ll work on another code and share it with you
cheers :>

Sv8x (1)

Nice! My highscore was 72.

idrawhorsechamp (5)

I wish it would save your highscore.

ThomasLairy (1)

c'est quand tu fais un multi-joueurs ?


Great game, and I know how to fix the oversized screen.
Just add this in your canvas initialization: = "100%"; = / 2;

Everything in your game will be unaffected. Those 2 lines I accidentally discovered downsize or upsize your canvas to the exact size of the screen/box it's in. But THE PIXELS STAY THE SAME! I used this for my game (submitted at, and I don't have to worry about the size of the canvas at all. My code always thinks that it's 4000 by 2000 pixels.

(also please check out my game no one's even commented on it)

Equation (204)

@GameMaster1928 Thanks for your help, I'm going to see your game :)

Suparn (2)

My winning strategy is to always stay in the middle. Great game!! My high score is 152 btw

Equation (204)

@Suparn Thanks ! Nice score, try to beat mine (1200 :)

Equation (204)

@tarkanKELES merci ! Si le jeu te plaît, tu peux le partager à ta classe ou tes amis

Equation (204)

@Helixable I hope you have upvoted to do some marketing on MY post :)


@Equation Of course!

Equation (204)

@Helixable I prefer like that :) thanks

SakuraKimiko (5)

You should totally make this game for mobile version,great work loved it

Equation (204)

@SakuraKimiko yes, it could be fun, but I have to learn how to make it as an app. Thanks for playing !

mdjb4 (17)

so good. You have my upvote without a doubt! Amazing graphics and Je suis aussi de France!

Equation (204)

@mdjb4 Thank you ! Merci du soutien la team France !

mkhoi (300)

You should made this on mobile. its kinda like those mobile games like Rolling Sky, Stack-thingy,...

Equation (204)

@mkhoi yes, it can be a great idea, and I will maybe try to learn some stuff to make a mobile app ;)

CalsonLee (9)

pretty cool, got 69 (not intentional)

AmeliaBlackwell (1086)

this is really good, made it to 62! maybe add a "press enter to run" text on the starting page so stupid people like me don't try and click the run button because they didn't read the post properly haha

Equation (204)

@AmeliaBlackwell Nice score ! You're right, I'm gonna add this message, it's a good idea. Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed my game !
PS : I'll try your fishing game, it looks very fun ;)

AmeliaBlackwell (1086)

@Equation hahaha, thank you!! hope you enjoy :)


The theme is money. How would this count as an entry?

Equation (204)

@Helixable If you reach level 3, there is a gold rush mode. Try it, it's very fun !


@Helixable i don't agree with you ! The theme may be money but no one respects it !and we don't really care about because replit is a place where we share some games, web sites, etc... And this game is really good even if it doesn't respect the "theme" like you say.

lsambrook (223)

@Helixable The theme isn't important ! The games ARE !


@petitwhito He entered this into the competition, but I'm not saying it's a bad game.

Equation (204)

@Helixable thanks. No need to get angry, cool guys. If you enjoy the game, you can upvote :)

themaka (190)

Hi @Helixable -- we decided to relax the requirements a little -- the cash/money theme is not required.


@themaka REally!?!? THANKS!

dleboulaire (7)

Can you spoil when the Gold Rush will coming, pls ?

Equation (204)

@dleboulaire Maybe tomorrow, or this week end :) I'm working on it

JohnnyWobble (49)

This is so addicting

DudaYa (5)

cool, really cool
which language was used?

Equation (204)

@DudaYa Thanks !
It's in Javascript, html and a little CSS.

dleboulaire (7)

@Equation Do u know how to create on graphic interface on Python ? Because I am also creating a game ( an RPG game more precisely ) but I really don't know how to open a new tab with it... Can you give some advices ?

EmilienBUSSON1 (0)

To open the console in a new tab, you shall press the button with an arrow in a square, "open in a new tab".
To create a graphic interface with the python language, I have the regret to say to you that it's impossible... You may use Javascript, CSS and HTML. If you want to learn these languages, there are many tutos and videos on Youtube.

dleboulaire (7)

@EmilienBUSSON1 Ok thanks for your advice ; I am going now on ytb !

MatthewStirling (136)

@Equation Cool game! Quick question: how did you get the game to show in one screen? I'm also working in JS, but my game shows the code as well. How do I get mine to do what you're doing? Thanks!

Equation (204)

@MatthewStirling Thanks ! To show only the result and not the code in a post, you have to put the url of the result (the url of the game when you open it in a new tab) as the post's repl. You can upvote if you enjoyed the game !

MatthewStirling (136)

@Equation You have my upvote. Many thanks!

argthe1st (95)

@dleboulaire You have to use a third party module such as Tkinter or Pygame

Murzikal (22)

@dleboulaire its not impossible, just use tkinter or pygame

dleboulaire (7)

@Murzikal I try pygame and my game is working ! ; ) Thanks !