~ BruteF0rc3 - Brute Force Password Guesser! ~


What's up gang, haven't posted in awhile, this has been long coming

BruteF0rc3 Password Cracker


  • Optimized guessing algorithm by me and @SpicedSpices
  • Customizable charset & guess length
  • Fancy UI by me and @Bookie0
  • Realtime loading bar
  • Up to 2 million guesses per second!

This project has been about a week in the making, and I'm proud to share the first fully-functional version with you all!
I'll be glad to be told of all the bugs (I'm sure there are many) so I can continue to improve the project.

Enjoy the site!

P.S. Thanks to Bookie and Spices for the help with the project!

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