REPL: Just 1 Bit
ayn (2)
Play here (Chrome Only):


Play as Bit one of countless AI's being tested in an experiment being held by the mysterious Administrator:~$.


  • 10 Levels (Including a boss fight!)
  • 7 original sound tracks
  • Grid movement
  • Puzzle levels
  • Typing speed (Rush) levels
  • Unique gameplay


This is my first game Jam, and second game I have worked on so there were lots of issues and challenges along the way. These are some of my favorites:

  • I spent hours (more than I should have) implementing the chess.js library into the game. But those are some of my proudest levels :) (6 and 8)
  • Using my color library to recolor sprites through code (as seen in the boss levels by the boss color variations. Allows for a lot of creativity!
  • Attempting to create a behavior tree (for the final boss) in the last two games of the Jam. AI is always so much fun!
  • The many libraries I wrote for the game: Story (for the typing effect, as well as the as the ability to create story lines/sequences with my code), Grid library to create maps and grid areas in my maps with ease.
  • I would say 90% of this was made in the last two weeks, so the grinding, late nights and many.. MANY red bulls along the way.


  • Programmed by me (using JS and the Phaser 3 framework).
  • Coin SFX by damienbeats on twitter
  • Songs "Background Music Basic 1, 3 and 4" by damienbeats on twitter
  • Songs "Drifting to Mars, Midnight Ride, Pondering Time, and Up to the stars" by Barret Griffy
  • Art "Golem Pixel TopDown Asset Pack" by Heirey on
  • Art "Animated Metal Monster" by Heirey on
  • Art "Fire" Animations by Stealthix on
  • Art "Pixel Chess" by From Chris on
  • Art "Flying Demon" from Gothicvania Patreon's Collection by ansimuz on
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timmy_i_chen (1180)

This was a lot of fun! Also really hard - i got rekt :(

ayn (2)

@timmy_i_chen Ah thank you! :) Which level, was it 4? lol