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This seems to have stopped working
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I am experimenting with the first example from here

I downloaded coped and pasted the code and then downloaded the asset file for the logo (as referenced in the source code) and uploaded this to my repl . I also changed the path so it pointed in the right place.

I then got the program running fine, experimenting further If I press run it is no longer doing what it was.

I have nor really changed much in the code, tried to reposition hello pyxel works fine. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

It may be just my set up here chromium playing up.



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Take a close look at the error message. It's kind of tricky, but if you look hard enough you'll see it. Start with where the SyntaxError is pointing at in your code, then work your way back through your code to see if you can find any issues with your syntax.

Most often, it means you forgot to close parenthesis, missed a comma, or something like that. SyntaxErrors won't always point at the exact spot where you made the mistake, it only points at the place where the computer got confused. So, your syntax error is on or before line 14. Just go backwards from there line by line. Line 12 looks fine. But, line 11? do you see anything missing there?