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[This repl is for my Discord server] I made a repl for my discord server.
ComputingSquid (54)

I made this repl. I worked hard. This is still in development. I'm just posting it now.
I used MDN and w3schools for this.
Credits included.

You don't have to join my discord server, but it would be nice.

Suggest additions below.

oh, and if you ban me, please don't, just delete this post.


Black Ops or ZCOOL....

KobeFF (1259)

~ When a post has 3 upvotes...

KobeFF (1259)

Still pretty good tho?

ComputingSquid (54)

hey me not a famous repler.
i don't know how u have so many cycles tho...

KobeFF (1259)

ye also i have good programming experince

AndrewMarkarian (19)

@ComputingSquid I got 4 cycles without doing anything!!!