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Know about Covid-19 & its exponential growth + A Checklist ( JAM #9 )
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Hi Guys,
This is my first post after many months of using this website :P
This is my entry for the CODEJAM

Use this link to visit! Don't use the embedded browser(for now)


What is it?

  • A neat(?) data visualisation of covid-19 with other pandemics/diseases like SARS, Mumps, HIV.
  • Know about the reproductive number of each diseases and compare with covid-19
  • Simulate any given disease in a sample size of 100 and observe the rate at which it spreads.


  • Use the exponential growth visualiser to know about exponential growth mathematically, compare it with the actual data of covid-19.
  • Move sliders to adjust reproductive number(the graph animates :O)

exponential growth

  • A neat gif showing how quarantine affects the exponential growth.

Tiny additions:

  • A checklist to get you ready for self-quarantine.


What did I use?

  • D3.js <3
  • Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS
  • Bulma CSS Framework

Thanks for reading! it was real fun working on this project, but sadly running out of time.. i might continue it more if I get more ideas to visualise :D

(ps..I don't have a epidemiology background, so apologies if I made any mistake)
(pos...pls updoot,thx)

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