SwaroopBappanad (240)

Hey guys! I spent a day (most of it when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork lol) making this, and I put a LOT of effort into it. Normally, I would fine tune it to make it look good and stuff, but I'm honestly dead at this point.

It's basically you vs an AI that knows your every move. I tried to make it as original as possible, but I also thought I should add a bit of originality into it. It has no point system, but again, it's hard to criticize a dead man.

Bottom line, it's trash. I really don't care anymore, but I know that this is the best of my ability, so give me a break. I'm not Sundar Pichai or @Coder100. If on the rare occasion that you do enjoy it, please upvote! I poured a lot of time and effort into this, and I would really appreciate it.

P.S. Press the up arrow to move up, and the down arrow to move down.

1. Me, obviously
2. Coder100, for the 'w' and 'a' functionality ideas, plus the idea of a score system
3. ridark, for the idea of showing your score when you lose
4. GeditEdger, for the idea of pressing 'r' to restart
5. Everybody else, who gave so much support for this project. Merry Christmas!

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RayvelArjoon (88)

This is well made. It just needs a tuneup on the physics. The ball doesn't bounce using proper arcade physics. It sometimes bounces in the opposite direction that it should. The angle of impact should be equal to the angle that it leaves at. The center angle should then add to 180. This isn't true for 95% of the bounces.

SwaroopBappanad (240)

@RayvelArjoon It's pretty hard, but I'm studying up on physics and trig to get more accurate physics next time!