the best game in the planet!
potatojs (843)

how to play?

just dodge red shots and collect bonuses! the value of each bonus is based on it's size the bigger it is the more it gives you!


this game is inspired from this one :

leader board

if you get i very high score just take a screen shot and send it in the comments below! so i can add you! i'm going to add you in less than 24hours. if i said that i will add and you didn't see your name in the leader board, just refresh the page.

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This is the best game! I want to ask, how did you to the player and the trail thing?

potatojs (843)

you mean the particules? i used a function called create Graphics that Basically create a canvas in top of the origenal one, then i start drawing blue little squares in the x and y of the player plus a random number to make them spawn a little off the x and y of the player, then i start drawing transparent backgrounds to make them desapear by time(because transparent bg one in top of the other create an opac bg :) science!)then to prevent lag a make that the small squares don't spawn when they are near the player :) (of curse all of that in the second canvas)
(the system in the program is more complicated i used sin and cos but the basic idea is this :))


ok, @potatojs. I kind of get it i guess? Thanks anyways! :)

potatojs (843)

you didn't git it? it's simple i basicly just draw squres in the x and y of the player :)@JSDragonCoder12

potatojs (843)

np :)@JSDragonCoder12