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Anthony_Tonev (99)

A simple editor for creating music box melodies with an animated music box that "plays" them for you.

Very basic:
Just click on the diamonds to generate a note and press play. There are some featured melodies included.

NEW: Create a BoxHub account and share your boxes:

The note sounds are from https://freesound.org/people/UbikPhonik/

Tech used :

Make sure you tune-up the box when first loading to cache the sounds and make sure they are loaded.

-edit notes
-play speeds
-save notes and load notes
-generate random notes
-tuning up the music box
-copy notes from sheet and auto-paste on next sheet
-add new block "+" and delete block "-" or press "++" to generate N blocks from input and "clear" to delete all.
-move notes with arrows
-toggle hold notes
-piece fast preview
-two blocks animating preview modes - show one block at a time or all blocks being visible while playing
-listen to the music only (radio icon) - remove all heavy matrix elements and generate a music output
-mixing notes - combine two or more pieces.
-build-in tunes: Ode of Joy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Star Wars Theme, Jurassic Park Theme, Elf Song.

Bonus features:
--save notes to a database https://musicboxdb-2--anthony-tonev.repl.co/

My idea was to write an app that is simple enough to be beginner-friendly so anyone can learn to write simple music pieces without knowing complex note notations and also have an open-source note sharing system where users build melodies on top off or inspired by other users melodies.

Works best on a desktop with chrome in full-screen repl view.

I've added a guide that explains most of the stuff: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VuNxjiUfA3SQPqONgDC-7V46lHGHZw3rfcvPiS7jNRI/edit?usp=sharing

Here are some gifs that try to explain the rest of the stuff:

Navigate on the block with the arrows or swap between adjacent blocks or cross between adjacent blocks (there were some bugs with these - most are fixed - there is one know bug where notes in perfect vertical line will merge when doing the cross matrix thing - but making holes on them will allow them to cross)

Mix different projects by chaining their notes together - very useful if you want to create a playlist or if you want to work in parts to reduce memory consumption.

Navigate from top to bottom when loading, previewing and editing by pressing the elevator buttons.

Radio player - Press the radio icon to generate the music and DELETE the blocks with their notes and editing panels ( they can be generated again via the load button). If all you want to do is listening to your creation then you don't need all that 15x15 matrix stuff - this mode is the player part of the editor.

The fast preview feature: Preview notes at 2x speed of the current delay value. After that, it will reset back to normal speed. Sometimes you will want to preview faster to find bad notes. In that case, you don't want to switch delay all the time - just included a button for it.

Change note delay type

Issues :

  • Lack of phone support.
  • Not working in Edge.
  • Adding and removing blocks is scrolling off.
  • Too many features - after hackathon deadline ends I will try to trim it a bit.

Huge thanks to ebest and vedprad1 for the amazing content they have created - I will not be able to compose such awesome music even if I'm using professional tools. Also greatly appreciate their and everyone else's issue reports and feedback. ay

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katyadee (1289)

This is so cool. What gave you this idea?

Anthony_Tonev (99)

@katyadee A music box that I had since I was a lvl 3 human. It plays a unique melody-lullaby that I'm still trying to find what it's called.

When hackaton theme was announced I thought I wanted to use the opportunity and record it's music then share it with an animated music box that plays the recorded audio. I've animated the box and proceeded with the recording.

But the recording I did was homemade. And it was not sounding like it was played by the cartoony box. Was too realistic for it to mix well with the character.

So I've decided to code a digital music box editor, then learn a little bit of music composition and then compose it's unique music box melody on it. I still have to train my music hearing but I will eventually play it. It's a very nice melody worth sharing.

ebest (672)

@Anthony_Tonev I had one of those music boxes. They were interesting. What level are you right now?

ebest (672)

@Anthony_Tonev Is there any way to level up quicker? I'm stuck at lvl 12.

Anthony_Tonev (99)

@ebest In this game you get a tiny bit of XP every day and this is how you lvl up, but you can have a decent game time at any level. Some say that the real game starts when you reach lvl 22 because then you can decide to skip the tutorial stages or get access to better tutorial stages (academies, universities, courses). But honestly if you run the top tier class - the programmer class you can have fun at any level. At the current stage of the meta they can crush noobs even at level 10. So OP.

ebest (672)


"But honestly if you run the top tier class - the programmer class you can have fun at any level. At the current stage of the meta they can crush noobs even at level 10. So OP."