RileyWalz (7)

"Excursion" is a website that uses the Mapillary API to constantly show random images of streets and roads around the world. Mapillary is like an open source version of Google Street View. Every image has a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, meaning anyone is able to upload and use images for free. I've been meaning to experiment with their platform and saw the Space contest as a great opportunity.

Try pressing the space bar to display a new location, or you can wait and a new one will be shown every few seconds. It's really interesting getting to see how a completely unexpected location looks, especially in countries that are unfamiliar to me.

EDIT: Not sure why, but if you run the app within the inline Repl viewer it doesn't load one of the dependencies correctly. It does work when you load the webpage at https://excursion.walzr.com though.

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jajoosam (877)

This is really cool Riley!