Turkey Tag
Coder100 (19280)

Turkey Tag

You are a turkey... It is unknown what you do in the wilderness as the only time you are taken interest is when its thanksgiving! Humans are very hungry as there are no turkeys for sale because of COVID-19 (eligible countries only). You tried to discourage people, but it did not work. Your last plan? Escape!

Also I probably got the longest autogenerated repl name! (Imagine not using autogenerated repl names)

So anyways, use arrow keys or WASD to move, and don't get eaten!


It's thanksgiving and I'm bored. Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a long time since I made one of these games lol


  • You can now save eggs for extra score (if you can catch them)! Thanks to @Bookie0 and @ShivankChhaya!
  • You can now view different death messages! Thanks @maxyang


Send screenshots of your high scores to be on the leaderboard! My high score is 1. Can you beat me?


Have a great day!
Oh, and If you wouldn't mind, try out the Quicken editor

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SeamusDonahue (461)

This is cool, nice job!