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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure JAVA BETA 6.1
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Hello there and welcome to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Java! This is a text-based multiplayer fighting game where you play as your favorite characters from the jojo universe!

Currently there are 6 characters to choose from in Part 3, but more characters will be added.

Computer enemies still haven't been implemented, but I'll add them if heavily requested.


Choose a character by typing in the number that beside it! A moveset of 4 moves will appear, and in order to use a move you need to type the number corresponding to that move! Each character has 4 moves: One barrage type move, a strong risk/reward move, an all-around move and an ultimate that requires filled charge meter to use!

Currently I am only working on part 3, and once I have most recognizable characters from that part I'll move on to parts 1+2 and 4-8. Request any characters you want next in the comments!

Planned characters: Iggy, Vanilla Ice

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This is a great game