🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
Seazyns (213)

Helpers: Ezolite and Xobeen
Full Patchnotes: https://pastebin.com/raw/81Pfk51Y
To Fork The Game: https://repl.it/@Seazyns/Hero-Legends

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KevinPatel4 (2)

This game is very interesting, because it has a basic concept of a fighting game and it involves different hero's and monsters. I find this game very fun and I just love to play this on my free time because its very time consuming. Maybe some features is to add some graphics. This will make the game way more fun and exciting. Enjoy the game, and keep up the great work, Seazyns (and other crew members). Loved it!!!

Seazyns (213)

@KevinPatel4 Thanks for the honest review, I appreciate it! There will be many more features coming to this game!