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Inferno Arena - Update 1.2


The Update 1.2 Features

The latest update, 1.2, will be released sometime in May, my birthday month. Below will be a list of latest features and bug removal:

  • Added Letter Colors!
  • New Mobs and Villains!
  • Added Sword Features!
  • Console Clearing!
  • Added Shields!
  • Added Player Stats!
  • Added Storekeeper Slang!
  • Added Inventory Selling!
  • Fixed the SlowPrint Bug

Although some of these features say "Added," they are not actually added and therefore it means it will be added. This is just a preview of what will be added. Some of the features might not be added or more features that are not listed above will be added.

Letter Colors

Letter colors can be easily achieved by creating Ansi Colors and inserting them into the System.out.println(); command. Here is how it is done:

class Main { public static final String BrightBlue = "\033[94m"; public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(BrightBlue + "Hello World!"); } }

New Mobs and Villains!

I've added new mobs and villains for you to battle! Some of the mobs are the same as the ones in Python Edition of this Game, created by TheCodeMaster70. I forgot to mention that the first version of this game was created in Python, meaning that Java Edition is the second and maybe even the latest version. Python Edition was created by TheCodeMaster70 as I mentioned previously; TheCodeMaster70 and CODER34352 and me are in the team called DaTriumvirate and also in another group called CodingBusters, which is led by Codeverse, another friend. Okay, back to the Update: There will be even more variety of mobs and villains in the Java Edition of Inferno Arena. The expectation of the number of mobs and villains is estimated to be 100, which is over 2x the number of mobs in the Python Edition.

Should Shields be added?

In the Python Edition of the game, you start off with 100 health and battle mobs as you progress. You lose some of your health but you can regenerate you health by selling some of your gold. Should I include Shields? You buy the shields using some gold and the shield can block 95% of the damage inflicted by the mob; but the disadvantage is that it breaks in 3 mob hits. Should there be Shield Health? Shield Health is basically the same as extra Health. You get Shield Health when you kill a mob. Getting Shield Health when killing a mob is about a 30% chance. Can you improve these ideas so the game won't be so easy? Please let me know.

Storekeeper Slang and Inventory Selling

Now, should I add these? Let me know thru commenting this post. Storekeeper Slang will be something like - "K, yar order has been delivered at yar home? Now, I gat some other work, see ya later!" Inventory Selling will be thru the Storekeeper, so you have to go through the slang. Should I include this?


Yes, more and less! More features will be added and some features won't be available in Java or they won't be accepted by the Replit Community.

2 years ago
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, thanks, that motivates me!

2 years ago

your game is as good as music without sound

1 year ago