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🔄This Game Never Ends... 🔄
HackingGo306 (15)

Sky Leaper - A Never Ending Game

NOTE: Works both on mobile and computers, but is most convenient on computers

Basic use:

  • When you run the program, you will be on the homepage.
  • I recommend that you open it on a new tab and click on ‘play’ first.
  • You can click on ‘rules’ to read the instructions


  • In creative mode, you can use A, D, or arrow keys to move.
  • You can go to home view by pressing the button or ‘[’
  • You can go to the furthest tile from the start by pressing ‘]’
  • The checkbox is whether you want to have the tile be a boost tile or not.
  • Type a number in the ‘win’ box to specify the winning x-coordinate.


  • Click on the share button and copy the link that shows up
  • You can put it in the comments (or any site) for other people to play it

Useful Tips:

  • Try to keep your challenge short or else your device might shorten the URL
  • If your URL is long then you can open the console to see it from there, but if it is too long then it won’t work at all
  • If you have a magic mouse then you can use horizontal scrolling

WARNING: If you have more than one creative tab open then it will mess with localStorage.setItem. Whether you know what that is or not, only open ONE creative mode tab