Pickle Simulator...

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ik @IMightBeMe and @IMayBeMe already posted one but mine is totally different since I didn't get the memo of how to make these :D

ka-pickle simulator (also my KaJam submission XD) is a fast-paced pickle tycoon where you try to become the hugest ka-pickle monopoly. To do this, you buy pickles that generate more money.

tip: use auto buy :)

You are against other farmers (AI) who are trying to get to the goal first


settings to turn all this off or on

auto buy

auto save

rate of money per second

place on leaderboard

total pickles

buying pickles





they are probably all different colors...



saving/loading game

see pickles

Hope you enjoy this

Tips and tricks I learned from this:

set_interval (recursively calling Timer threading) leads to an error at about the 5500th call. So use regular threading which is how I made the loading screen responsive while also allowing users to press inputs concurrently.

it's really hard to make AI but you really need to think about what you do. And just make it in the code :).

Finally, imma ping @MrVoo @MrVoo @MrVoo @MrVoo @MrVoo @MrVoo

Post script

even though I import colorama I didn't use it in product code, it's just in the template, so chill @MrVoo.

you should just go here for fullscreen. And here to not get rickrolled and go to tech support.

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There's more markdown than pickles, but noice