HOS (Hellewell Operating System)

HOS is a basic text based operating system that is similar to DOS.

HOS is only able to do a limited amount of things. However, in the future I will be adding more to HOS.

Since this is an operating system, you can link me your python repls to me and I will try my best to add them in (I will credit your name).

New features:
29/09/18: BTB, converts binary to backslashes (made by @HappyFakeboulde), add, subtract, time and divide are all now implemented.
30/09/18: 1d Terrain Gen v2 (made by @HappyFakeboulde) makes 1d randomly generated terrain. The system is now faster at installing. You can now see how much space is left (You can still install everything)! The feature 'install everything' has been removed due to difficulties with the new storage system.
2/10/18: 'squared' and 'cubed' have been added. The storage space has been increased from 75 bytes to 90 bytes.

29/09/18: We have reached the 5 upvotes goal! Can we reach 10? We have reached the 300 lines of code goal! Can we reach 400? We have been upvoted by @timmy_i_chen! We have had our first usercreated programme! Can we reach 5 of them?
30/9/18: We have reached the 400 lines of code mark! Can we reach 500?
2/10/18: We have reached the 500 lines of code mark! Can we reach 750? This is now my most popular repl in terms of upvotes in front of LuaH ( https://repl.it/@HarveyH/LuaH ) and have the same amount of comments!
3/10/18: GREAT NEWS, I have been put on the repl.it newsletter, I am very honoured 😁
5/10/18: We have reached the 10 upvotes goal! It would be amazing if we could 15!
16/10/18: I can't believe it! We have reached 15 upvotes! Can we reach 20 (because right now, that would be amazing!)?

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There is no need for
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