How To Create A Black Hole Spiral in Python W/ Turtle
nothplus (72)

Hello Programmers,

This is a innovative and creative way of showing of your programming skills in Python with Turtle by creating this Spiral which later centres into a Black Hole.

Step 1 - Import and Name your turtle
Step 2 - Create a for - in range and mark anything more than 100
Step 3 - Go forward by 180 or more
Step 4 - Go left by 70 or more
Step 5 - Go forward by 60 or more
Step 6 - Go right by 40 or more
Step 7 - Pen up
Step 8 - Set position 0,0
Step 9 - Pen down
Step 10 - Go right by 2 or more

Challenge: Add Colour to make it a Rainbow Spiral

There you have it Ten Easy Steps to make a pretty fascinating Black Hole Spiral and impress other programmers.

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Agent421 (0)

There is a problem with my Result screen page, it just shows the top left corner of the screen so I can’t see my turtle doing it’s job, and when I drag the screen all the way to the right then I only see the half of the screen which shows the half of my spiral black hole, please help me fix it, thanks

John_WardWard (365)

@Shams_the_coder Please send me a screenshot and I'll see if I can help. If not just report it in .

John_WardWard (365)

@John_WardWard Or Maybe tell one of the repl team.