train your pet

in this game you can create a pet and train it to be a strong warrior as you fight to the top

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There is a game Fishdom and there you can train fish. You try to really train animals, just as there will be no pests in the garden


@ridoskon What do fish and game have to do with training someone and making the garden cleaner of pests? There are other possibilities, but games have nothing to do with it. It's all about the program and the application codes.
I only know of one way to feed animals to serve you as a loyal host. For example, I have a possum. I feed it as described here on I can't say for sure that the animal will keep me and my plants safe, but he loves this kind of food and it makes him more resilient to spend the night at my house. I mean, these are wild animals and they need to be fed the right food, not cheese like mice.