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Theboys619Hacker Themes

This is a chrome extension for
The extension lets you create custom themes for or use existing ones predefined in the extension.

This is still in very early development and probably has a bit of bugs. So please keep that in mind and use at your own risk (you can uninstall too).

I created this yesterday (Aug 29, 2020) because I remembered a post that someone made about themes for (srry I don't remember who).


To install the extension please read the file on the github or in the repl and download the contents.

What it looks like

Here is a little preview of what it looks like on repl.


This is the Solarized Dark theme from VSCode in!

Not only does it have some (not all are working) VSCode themes but you can even define your own.
In order to define your own theme you have to use Monaco's JSON themes.

Test your themes in the playground and them stringify the JSON or it wont work.
Link to playground: Playground

You only need the JSON part of the code and it NEEDS to be stringified.


Selecting a theme

To select a theme you have to click on the extension and go the the options page.
You can do that by what I said earlier (clicking on the extension) or going to [chrome://extensions] and finding the extension and clicking the inspect views link.


You then can select a theme from the drop down list and your are ready to go.
Just refresh your page or go to one of your projects and it should load.


The styling isn't the best mainly because I wanted this to actually work first.

Please drop some suggestions or message me with possible bugs that I have not found yet.

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