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The Truth (in a festive way)

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Welcome to the truth

and hi my names muffinlavania lol
If the console is too small for the game it might look something like this...

Who are you

uh idk i havent posted in so long so yea
excuses: i have been working on this for half a year, then i worked on this "update" (aka literally making it 10000% better) for like another half year

What is game

Basically: Your trapped on an island. Or so you think. Escape. Sleep indoors. Dont die.
If you want to actually like look at the old post most of the stuff is the same

Basic basic controls

WASD/Arrow keys to move, TAB for inventory, C to fix the screen if anything weird happens

The game

Theres 4 ways to escape...
Portal. Lab. Plane. And.... The Truth?
3 lead to nothing. 1 shows you the truth.

On a less serious note

Use the achievements lol. You can see what your missing. AND READ WHAT POPS UP especially with module c

The big big update

This is the only game I made that I actually think is fun, and not like boring. Which is why I did SOO much like:

Save Files

Yes yes if anyone out there codes in pro python and knows the pain of safe files, i can help you make some if you want.
And if any of you trolls want to destroy my safe files, :(
Save files only work on an actual account btw, i added temp saves for guests (your name shows up as fine-nine)

mmmm spooky (old event)

Wait is that a spooky deltarune reference!?1!? (Pumpkin looking kinda sus)

New truth ending

Basically - Made it much more epic [the boss i mean :)], If you manage to survive and get The Key, I added a minigame... (Good luck getting the key only hint you get is it has to do with him)
And I made the ending playable instead of just words which is kinda cool


yesssssssssssir with save files comes a way of grinding. Good ol achievements. Even an ok sans reference??!?/1

New ending, NPCs!?!/, New items, Notes, Lure...

Yes I added a lot, and I mean A LOT. (Oh yea I forgot I even posted this before lol)


If you find any bugs, or even if you think it might be a bug, just post it with a screenshot of either the error or a description of what happened and the result. And if it has to do with the whole save files thing PLEASE TELL ME, its bound to happen lol.


Fixed this one bug thing where you can overload the code and go to the void and beyond
Another one thats kinda the same: you could activate some things across the map, like activate something all the way to the right from all the way to the left (you probably still can but i fixed most of what i could find)

(I released it like 2 weeks early because it would be cool if I posted it on my birthday 😳)

this new update is pissing me off

yes christmas is cool and stuff
2 new achievements, some shrines, and like the event duh

Anyway, enjoy a year of work :) Suggestions are very very welcome

If you skipped to the end, basically its a game where you look around this so called island to escape

(And please repl bring back normal view since spotlight is so weird)

(oh yea no longer festive lol)

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wonder when the first bug makes its appearance

also whoever gets luci achievement first is too pro (NOT SURE IT EVEN WORKS lol)

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Very nice and interesting game. Good job!

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ayy thanks! (sorry for the other ping my friend did a little trolling lol)

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aww sh here we go again