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The "Some thingy" Series: Number 2
MosesTYLi (3)
"Some thingy" Series: Number 2

What's this?

If you didn't know from my previous post, these "Some thingy" programs are kind of like an introductory, sample programs that I written off a computer science book (long story there).

Previously on the "Some thingy" Series...

Yesterday I posted the first of many programs in the "Some thingy" series, which was written in Haskell. Believe me, I actually planned on writing the first one in Python instead of Haskell, but I just decided to use Haskell because I had NO IDEA what Haskell was.

Some thingy 2 (in Python)

Just run the program.

MosesTYLi (3)

Technically, you'd expect to see a basketball, but because that doesn't work, this is just the code for making a basketball.