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The Scariest Snek Program
RayhanADev (1912)

Did you know


is enough to make a Python program that self-replicates and runs itself?

This is an early April Fools project, and wow is it scary. This program creates a file with it's code and runs that file, essentially creating an infinite loop that will make Replit cry. I dub thee:

The Scariest Snek Program

Press that run button, make sure you can see the files tab, and let's hope Replit doesn't die :D.

Warning, do not download and run this project on your computer. I am not responsible for what you do with it....

Whippingdot (549)

My Laptop is not even making loud noises yet:

the trick is to move over to a big CPU MUHAHAHAHA

P.S. I managed to stop the program (it kinda disconnect but EH) and I thought all my troubles were over - before one minute later it said


FlaminHotValdez (430)

I barely managed to click stop in time

RayhanADev (1912)

@FlaminHotValdez hahaha you actually got it to stop

FlaminHotValdez (430)

@RayhanADev I clicked 10 secs into the program lol

RayhanADev (1912)

@JacobMcPherson1 oh yes >:)
i lasted a good minute before my ipad decided to die

RayhanADev (1912)

Very, very scary...