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The Python Fortnite Adventure Game
nickgrimes50 (4)

good job, this took a lot of time to write i'm sure, so props to you for sticking it through!

UzayAnil (24)

there is an error in line 25

finmarlin (5)

Good job. You can do multiline text printing with triple apostrophes. Also, try using funtions to make a lower method to resolve stuff rather than hard coding it.

RickyPassett (0)

Cool idea! spellcheck your code though, there are a lot of misspellings.

stickstormmind (0)

i cant say i havn`t fun!
Good game! Its like a text-adventure. If you want to make more of these games, then maybe you can use Quest. I used it for a long time to program my text -adventures!

CodePython2 (14)

Fortnite is the BEST!!!!!!