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The Moving Puzzle
sgcarlson1 (23)

A game my friend Daniel and I made based on an old-timey wooden slide puzzle I found at my grandma's house. The objective is to use the mouse and keys to navigate the black piano tile to the bottom-left corner.

Select a piece by clicking on it with your mouse. Then move the piece to the free space using your arrow keys. Doing this also deselects the piece.


sgcarlson1 (23)

@MCrafterPro5 huh that's weird haven't seen that before, we'll try to fix it thanks

AndrewMarkarian (19)

@sgcarlson1 The same thing happened to me, and if you click it says "x, y"

RhinoRunner (803)

pretty sure this is an impossible puzzle

LukeWright (114)

yea I got something similar @RhinoRunner

sgcarlson1 (23)

@LukeWright @RhinoRunner It's difficult but definitely possible

Addiction (5)

Has anyone actually done it?

Whippingdot (570)

I can't figure out how to ploi...

sgcarlson1 (23)

@Whippingdot Sorry, should've made it more clear in the description. Updating it now.

Brendan23 (139)

@sgcarlson1 how do I even move the pieces?? I can't figure out how.

sgcarlson1 (23)

@Brendan23 Check out the updated description

Brendan23 (139)

@sgcarlson1 ok nice. way better description.

BananaJellyfish (206)

This is pretty awesome

drchhay (0)

I was bored in class and discovered this game. Such a great game and makes me want to learn how to code even more!

MCrafterPro5 (3)

either your supost to glitch it to win or im dumb

DanBurMur (0)

@MCrafterPro5 Your right we will try to fix it

sgcarlson1 (23)

@MCrafterPro5 problem should be fixed, we forgot to make it so that the blank space can't be moved as well haha


Whoa, best game out there. Also you code is very neatly organized.

DanBurMur (0)

Best game I have ever played! Who is the genius behind this!