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The Most Complicated Calculator
svensk007 (58)

During my quest to write a programming language in python I discovered that this starting point was just an over-complicated calculator. If you don't believe me look in the code yourself!

-> Can use order of operations and negatives.
-> Automatically fixes syntax errors
-> Does not Supports powers [yet]

svensk007 (58)

@candies sure? that's kinda random but ok

Edit: thats really cool nice site

candies (421)

@svensk007 thanks. can you sign in. I need to give you perms

Bunnytoes (157)

@candies if you want I can be a mod, your thing seems really cool

svensk007 (58)

@candies i set my user as "svensk007"

svensk007 (58)

@candies is there an official login that doesn't just consist of claiming a username?