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The Memory Game
Labscience (48)

Hello guys, this The Memory Game. Its an exciting 3D game of lights and sounds in which players must repeat sequences of lights and buttons the cpu makes, by pressing the colored pads in the correct order.
Be sure to have the volume up.
I inserted comments to explain the game in detail.
Feel free to give any feedback to improve.
I recommend to play it in a new window
Enjoy !

eankeen (2169)

I really like this game! I used Babylon for my project as well so it was pretty cool seeing someone else use it! :D

Labscience (48)

@eankeen Thank you so much !! Can you give me the link for your game ??

eankeen (2169)

@Labscience It's nothing much, but here ya go:
There's a lot of dead code. :smile:

Labscience (48)

@eankeen Not much ?? It's great, I love it. You just got to fix some things. Nevertheless, it's great

MrTrex (17)


Labscience (48)

I added music so its more exciting !

Labscience (48)

GAME is in description