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The Lassi computer language (...because coding is for everyone)
julienmalard (9)

"Code depends on English—for reasons that are entirely unnecessary at a technical level."

Lassi is a new framework for improving diversity in the computer sciences that allows anyone to write any existing computer language in any human language.

In short, we aim to decouple the artificial link that keeps computer languages bound to only one human language, be it English or not.

For example,

தொகுப்பு வட்டம்_தொகுப்பு(பொருள்): 
    பை = ௩.௧௪௧௫௯௨௬௫௩ 
    நிரல்பாகம் __துவக்கம்__(தன், ஆரம்): 
        தன்.ஆரம் = ஆரம் 

is valid Tamil Python and will compile to:

class Circle(object): 
    pi = 3.141592653 
    def __init__ (self, radius) : 
        self.radius = radius 

Don't quite grasp the point? Or still wondering why it had to be called Lassi? No problem! We built you a website just for that.

You can also easily add any computer or human language. As of now we have 10 flavours of Python and 2 of JavaScript (more to come; translators always welcome)!

@lassimozhi Team members:

By the way, we're open to any and all computer languages, so if you have your own language that you'd like to make international we'll be happy to include it! (Double points if you can send us a working Lark grammar to parse it.)