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The Land of Bunnytoesia
Bunnytoes (233)

Welcome to The Land of Bunnytoesia!

The Land of Bunnytoesia is a fast paced rpg game with levels, purchases and 2 boss levels and healing, saving and loading, and more! Some of the code like save and load and another part I can't tell you because you may cheat, @CORBINCARTWRIGH, I was inspired by his The Long wastes of Fathalod (and yes some variable names are the same) and I hope you enjoy! This took a while.

InvisibleOne (3264)

Nice, this is really cool and I can see you put a lot of work into it

Bunnytoes (233)

@InvisibleOne I had a ton of time on thursday so I did a ton of work then and thank you so much!

Bunnytoes (233)

@DynamicSquid thanks so much! Though I used some code (save and load and cheats which I added on to) from @CORBINCARTWRIGH 's game

cuber1515 (94)

This is REALLY fun!