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The Lamest Repl I've Ever Made
RayhanADev (1967)

Well ya'll have been asking me to learn C/C++ ever since last year and I finally decided to work on it :D

So here is the lamest Repl I have ever made, it's a stupidly basic C++ project taking in input and feeding it back out lol. I'm probably going to be writing all my code for learning C++ in this Repl so you can follow it if you want.

Th3Coder (94)

I'm also learning C++! It's similar to C, so I would recommend you to master C first! (I mean, I'm still learning about structures in C lol)

RayhanADev (1967)

@Th3Coder kewl! I don't really care for C (I did weight my options) because C++ is more usable with systems and software dev ;P.

Th3Coder (94)

@RayhanADev ooh... thanks for the info! :)

m4rus3ru (15)

Your use of \n and endl is a bit too random for my taste ;)

There is a small, but in lager scale important difference between the two.
While both perform a line-break endl also flushes the output buffer.
This means that it performs worse than \n, but should eventually be used to flush the output buffer.

RayhanADev (1967)

@m4rus3ru ohhhhhh
i (clearly xD) did not know that, thank you! Great things to know when learning a new language.

m4rus3ru (15)

@RayhanADev You are welcome!

You can by the way also << flush whenever you want to do it.

RayhanADev (1967)

If there was a downvote button, now would be a good use for it xD