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The Koi Rescue Game Series! (6 Games in 1 Post)


It happens to everyone:
You are minding your own business when suddenly you hear a scream from your brother. You make out the words "help", and "koi". You run in and see all your expensive beloved koi fish flopping to death on the floor. Before you can ask "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!?!", your brother runs away, probably not wanting to get in trouble. You quickly grab the nearest net and water bucket to RESCUE THE KOI. Yea, very relatable :)


This is a small game I made that I decided to expand into a series. The game is centered on rescuing koi flopping until they die (or splat) on the ground. You simply click on the koi to try to rescue it, though you may not be successful, so spam clicking is recommended. Each time you start the game the koi are in different locations!

Game List

All koi rescue games except for Kim (Easy or Hard mode) log various game events to the console. Check it out!

Koi Rescue 1

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This is the most original in every way, even the old "feature" of the popup that said, "Double Click the Ok button to continue". The problem was that it only took one click to get rid of it, and that did not count as interacting with the DOM (necessary for playing sounds).

Koi Rescue 2

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A version with levels (the higher the level, the more koi to be rescued), and you have to pass the level to go on to the next. Has an easter egg on the home page.


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Its name is a parody of Vim (Vi Improved), Kim is KoI rescue Improved. This has an Easy mode, Hard mode, and Creative mode! The difference between Easy and Hard mode is that the koi can spawn in a larger area and that they flop faster. This edition also has some minor changes, such as better code readability, and more consistent flop speeds (Does not apply to Creative mode). Creative mode redirects to koi rescue hacked (mentioned below).

Koi Rescue Hacked

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Most games don't allow hacked clients. Koi rescue is different. This edition gives special features that make the game ridiculously easy. Also, entering Revive() or Splat() into the js console revives or kills all the koi at once (Don't try this on koi rescue 2, it will activate its anti-hack mechanism).

Koi Rescue Pranked 1

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Prank your friends by having them play with this and watch their surprise as all their koi splat at once!.

Koi Rescue Pranked 2

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Another prank one, but this time the prank is more subtle. Hint: try clicking on the koi as normal.


Here is a list of the people I want to thank for this project
-First I thank all the people who made HTML/CSS/JS a thing
-I also thank the folks who made Replit and Visual Studio Code
-I thank the people who made all the coding tutorials I used
-I thank Lunapic and windows paint for the image "manipulation"
-Least but not last I thank myself
-Last but not least I thank the people who put the quality image of a bucket, koi, net, and floor onto the internet and didn't copyright it.

Note: Sometimes there is just this one lucky koi that keeps flopping for a really long time and does not die.
I welcome any feedback, and if there is a glitch just reload, if that does not fix it, make a comment.


1 year ago