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The Gizmo Programming Language!
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Gizmo is a fast and user friendly language for manipulating or parsing strings. It may not be much to look at yet, but the key word there is yet.

Gizmo is in active development by the developers. For now, I'll tell you about what Gizmo can do currently.

Input and Output!

Using the read and write functions, you can get either input or output. (You can probably guess which one does which).
Here's an example!

write("Hello, Gizmo!");

You can put an argument of any type into the write function.


Now that we've started talking about types and all that nonsense, we can talk about variables.
Creating a variable in Gizmo takes this format.
<type> <name> = <value>
Some of the different value types in Gizmo are:
1. int (Of course)
2. char (Of course)
3. real (A decimal number)
4. string (Obviously. Gizmo is a string manipulation language)
Strings are surrounded by either double quotes or single quotes:
"This is a string" or 'This is a string'
Chars are strings with only one letter or symbol inside of it:
"a" or 'a'


Functions in Gizmo take this format:

<type> <name>(<args>) {

You can call them like this:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

oops, forgot to give the github repo link - Link Thing

To run the code, enter:

cmake .
./gizmo foo.gizmo

Then check a.ll for the outputted llvm ir code.