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The Gang o' Goblins of the Carlen Forest
davexole (1)

Deep in the North Carlen Forest, along the path to Somar, goblins attack travelers. Do you dare enter?

FallenAngel6 (31)

Bit short, part 2 would do nicely

davexole (1)

@FallenAngel6 Agreed! I want to do a lot more with it. Just had to move forward with my course I am taking on Udemy.

Also, it unfortunately isn't doing everything I wanted. :( Need to fix.

TimothyClark222 (24)

interesting, I like it

davexole (1)

@TimothyClark222 Thanks! This 100 days of Python course is amazing. I definitely went beyond what was needed for the exercise, but I couldn't resist with being a DM. I needed more!