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The Game That Has No Name (It rhymes)
python88 (297)

If you can go though this, I will buy you a burger. Also, there is a secret code in here, and if you type it in the chat, I will give you a bananananananna. And sorry for being inactive. Good luck!

@RolandJLevy for being a good person

TheDragonCode (17)

I'm 99.99 % sure that when you say bye ur supposed to leave...

Whippingdot (656)

i like bananananananannanas


BobTheTomatoPie (3361)

okay so for the check if your answer is equal write this code to check

if str(correct) == guess:
 #answer was correct
 #answer was wrong

I edited as i forgot this program was in python lol

Baconman321 (1097)

Nah, America's already too fat. Just give me a good 'ol salad.

BobTheTomatoPie (3361)

to check if the three numbers are equal do this:

import sys
if num1 == num2 and num2 == num3:
 print('they were equal, goodbye')
InTheDark (2)

i like bananananananannanas

the meaning of life is



lol i put that in the game alredy XD @InTheDark

KobeFF (1269)


KobeFF (1269)





RoyalCoder1234 (35)

@KobeFF Sorry person, has delayed your delivery. It should arrive at your doorstep in the year 3000. I am sorry if the burger expires before the delivery. If you give it back by 24 hours, you will get another burger in 10,000 years. Sorry for the delay.

Yuvix5000 (3)

@KobeFF The delivery price is roughly £0.99, you can pick it up by asking for one at the closest McDonalds

Whippingdot (656)

There are a lot of 0 cycle people upvoting on this post, so can any mod check if these people are real or not?:

And more...

Whippingdot (656)

I have reported the dude, but let us wait for the mods to say he is guilty before other people report him. @JBYT27

python88 (297)

these people are not me. These people just like my creativity and show that by up voting it. You're just jealous. @Whippingdot

python88 (297)

Plus, you don't have any proof. @Whippingdot

python88 (297)

@Whippingdot People actually like my stuff, and how is bringing down me helping you get up? You're a bully and that's why nobody likes your posts. If you want to bully someone, do it to your age.

python88 (297)

And that's the problem these days. People accuse with no proof to other people that just got somthing good and they are just [email protected]

python88 (297)

If you want to bully someone, do it for someine at your age @JBYT27

JBloves27 (1883)

Ok. @python88

  1. Stop spamming
  2. Ok, we I get your point, but its just that;
  3. Its really sus that almost all your upvoters all have 0 cycles, 0 repls, and 0 bio or info
  4. I am not jealous, even if i compare, why would i? (Not to be offensive)
  5. Kalm down and have a good week
Whippingdot (656)

I thought you were sus, cause lots of people were 0 cycles. Also, I did give pictures. Also, I am not jealous, I was checking the upvoters when I found out most of them had 0 cycles. It seems sus. So I asked the mods to check(by reporting, sry, won't do that next time).

I also am not a bully, it hurts me to see you calling me that. Sorry if I made you think I was one in any way.

Also, you are giving me a million notifications and that is irritating.

You will get banned if the mods find you guilty, that is all @python88

CodingCactus (4366)

@Whippingdot lots of people with 0 cycles is not really proof seeing as most of them have repls and pfps etc. I'm going to ask an admin to check the ips just to be sure.

CodingCactus (4366)

also, even looking at those pictures that were sent, you can clearly see that most of them do not have 0 cycles

Whippingdot (656)

you are going to get me in trouble with the dude @CodingCactus. I will edit the comment but don't get me in trouble with him. He seems angry

Whippingdot (656)

Also true, only 13/40 of those dudes have 0 cycles. I am sorry for all the trouble I caused with @python88 @CodingCactus. @python88, I am very sorry...

CodingCactus (4366)

@Whippingdot well we looked at the ips and they're all unique

Whippingdot (656)

Ok, I am very sorry. Next time I won't accuse someone but I will just ask mods to check that person. @CodingCactus

JBloves27 (1883)

Same as @Whippingdot, im sry for accusing you @python88. @CodingCactus

sry for pings

Whippingdot (656)

I have no idea too, I know it is something unique to each account, and I know it is something related to the internet. Also, do u forgive me? I am verrry truly sry, promise! @python88

thrkturner (5)

@python88 chill it aint that serious


This is a neat project. Nice job!

MikeJMS8910 (160)

Me just realizing that you cannot guess the number correctly :L


@MikeJMS8910 then how did i guess it correctly


I got this answer


Crop of the image




This is the oringinal

FlaminHotValdez (688)


mollthecoder (37)

i like bananananananannanas

mintbookworm (25)

ok fanks @python88 cuz lots of people are randomly typing it in the chat so...

lukep2 (3)

i like bananananananannanas in the chat!

Rainza (1)

i like bananananananannanas!

msgaalex (35)

i like bananananananannanas

PythonPower312 (3)

i like bananananananannanas

SplashSmile (1)

i like bananananananannanas