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The Development of a Free MEE6-like Discord Bot

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What This Project is About

This project is all about making a free-to-use Discord bot which has all the features the premium MEE6 has which is:

  • To be able to implement custom commands
  • Levels for users
  • Search Anything
  • Record Audio
  • Listen to Music
  • Get Notified When a Youtuber Uploads / Twitch Streamer Streams / Twitter / Reddit / Mixer
  • Letting Members Get Roles By Reacting To Their Message
  • Moderation Commands
  • Custom message Repeats
  • Quizes

There are others, but they are all the obvious ones like welcoming a user or getting help

We want to allow everyone to freely use it and set it up with ease.

Who we are looking for

We want people which have experience in and history with python and at least some experience with
You need to have:

  • Previous experience in python
  • Previous experience in
  • Ability to work as a team

How do I apply?

Just leave a comment in the section tagging me, and I will invite you to the team. Or you can tag me in the discord server. I am Kopamed

Join Discord Server or multiplayer

Bot Dev Discord Server

How long will this project take?

I have got a skeleton of some parts, but truly, currently, this is hard to predict.

How did this idea come about

Well recently, I made my own discord bot and I was quite happy with it. I wanted to see what the free bots on the market offered. The first one I looked at was MEE6 which was one of the ones of which I heard the most. I checked out the free version and it truly sucked. On the surface it looked professional and very flexible but once you dove deeper in the settings, you discovered you could not do barely anything with the free version. So I decided to make this... but I needed a team. And what better place to look for one than! So here I am asking you to accompany on this amazing journey to make a better MEE6.
BTW, the reason I posted this in Share is because I could not find any other good place to post it in. If you think it should be posted in another place, please leave a comment bellow

This Code does NOT work because it just shows the skeleton of the beginning of the bot

Please share and up-vote so this can gain awareness and we can gather a big team of skilled programmers

Edit for all the new ppl which are finding this: This project has been cancelled due to lack of ... people and motivation. You may use all the code that is available.

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I'll help I'm ok at have made some discord bots before and also like to do design


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I looked at your codes and you look like you have a lot of experience. Your are on the team!

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I will post a link to the discord server where we will be testing the bot out. This can also serve as a communications method

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Hey! I would like to know if theres a dashboard for it too? maybeu can add it? its a pretty good idea for managing it

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hey wag1 ill join the multiplayer replit

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no shit did u even bother reading all of it?

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nice post amazing hats off dude

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is it ok if i can help, im kinda of a begginner so im gonna have to be taught along the way but i pick up things pretty quickly and this also sounds like a fun learning/coding experience

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Ik I am months late to this but I only saw this today and I would like to join the team.

I am also expierenced with these things you mentioned on your post:
levels, search anything (not completelly), let member get roles by reacting to a message, moderation commands and custom message repeats.