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The Biggest Password/Data Breach Index Search!
MarcusWeinberger (774)

Search intelx for data breaches linked to your email, or anything!

Simply run the repl (it might fail the first time, just run it again) and when prompted, enter your email address, or a domain, and wait for the passwords to flow right in!

Aidan0626 (9)

stack overflow also isn't doing too well

JonathanBrazier (11) isn't doing too well

adl212 (166)

How does intelx even check these things?

EdwardKazmiersk (5)

no record found! :)))

zplusfour (890)

also nice project

StringentDev (204)

Found 0 records
yay, that is what comes out with being paranoid and scanning every site and file using


Yes, I had zero records!!!

DynamicSquid (4622)

It doesn't work :(

I don't think is compatible with the compiler you used to code this. But nice project nonetheless!

MarcusWeinberger (774)

@DynamicSquid Sorry sorry I was just doing some last minute maintenance, try it again? Should work

DynamicSquid (4622)

@MarcusWeinberger I typed in my email and it just ends. Is it supposed to do that?

MarcusWeinberger (774)

@DynamicSquid Congratulations! You have no breaches associated with your email address! Try typing in a different email address, or try typing in some websites. For some reason, is mentioned all over the deep web

MarcusWeinberger (774)

@DynamicSquid Yeah, I haven't done so well, try typing in :(

DynamicSquid (4622)

@MarcusWeinberger I like how it showed your email but your email wasn't even on the website. That's actually kinda scary

MarcusWeinberger (774)

@DynamicSquid Yeah, and this is just using the free api. You get access to even more stuff if you pay. My repl is just a simple example of the info they have, you should check out their website