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The Backspace effect (in python)
Muffinlavania (1526)


i actually found a way to do this like a month ago lol forgot to post it
Anyway, its a really simple way of doing it, basically what the program does is:
Move the cursor up
Move the cursor 1 space to the left
Hit the spacebar, replacing the character
then for the rest of the characters:
Move 2 spaces left
Hit spacebar

Yea thats about it idk mess around with it also it can backspace many lines at once if you use it right

Muffinlavania (1526)

@DynamicSquid thanks, also since when are you a mod lol (saw you took down some guys uno that was mine)

DynamicSquid (4937)

@Muffinlavania lol, about one and a halfish months ago

Muffinlavania (1526)

@DynamicSquid well i guess ima go, i gotta go post some memes in #general