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The "BEST" Calculator Ever!
Th3Coder (94)

Think about a calculator. A calculator so good its price is beyond the best jewels!

Well, this is that calculator.*


*this is a joke. See for yourself!
Th3Coder (94)

@LegendaryWolf nice! Btw this was supposed to be a joke lol

Edit: Is captincoolz your other account?

LegendaryWolf (705)

It used to my account, I mistakenly deleted it tho. luckily I bookmarked the Calculator page

LegendaryWolf (705)

SO r ya good at Game Dev? Coz I was working on a Car game - and it took me a lot of effort, so can u pls help me make my next game which is SpaceX heroes shooter?

Th3Coder (94)

@LegendaryWolf cool! What would the game be like?

Edit: I just noticed you're using Python, so sorry I'm not good at Pygame lol

LegendaryWolf (705)

U mean the SpaceX one?

Th3Coder (94)

@LegendaryWolf yup, the SpaceX one!

(Will it include Elon Musk?)

LegendaryWolf (705)


This is the story -
Elon musk and some other people(me too. I can include anyone including u!) set up an adventure to mars. They find out that Aliens are going to invade earth so we fight back. While all that happens zombies start attacking coz a scientist while inventing the complete cure to corona creates a zombie virus. So we fight back. it includes all weapons. There is also a plot twist at the end. someone from the future comes and helps us. Excuse my bad English...

Th3Coder (94)

@LegendaryWolf cool! Sadly, I'm very bad at Pygame...

Don't worry though, I'll learn it when I have time! :)

Edit: How did I type that I'm very good at Pygame? I am not lol

LegendaryWolf (705)

bruh i looked at the code and it says - wan, tu, tri etc... and yas, Batton

Th3Coder (94)

@LegendaryWolf and that, folks, is why it's called the "BEST" calculator ever.

See if you can find more intentional typos!

Edit: I actually thought that was battun, not batton...