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The Adventure Game
vishveshmehta (4)

Owner - Coolvas
Link -
Warning - This game is still being edited, I will be adding a backpack and different items that you can use for health and for attacking or defense

This game is one of exploration and danger involving beasts from around the vast and great caves of Grendleworth. You are an explorer who wishes to map the insides of the caves for your research. You have herd of the stories of those that have explored the caves before you but you do not fear and ready up to the challenge.

cowboyyall10 (8)

hey mind if I fork this and add music? I bought some at $10 total for these:


cowboyyall10 (8)

@cowboyyall10 oyeah and put

from replit import audio to import audio. then put audio.play_file('filename'). drag-drop the files.

CebisoMhlanga (0)

I enjoyed myself playing this :D, could actually visualise it!