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Texture Animations
slip1244 (255)

I was picking some textures from a site for another project, and I realized that SVGs can transition with css.

I created this thingy for no other purpose than to look nice. It works on mobile as well and it's really calming with the right colors.

techgeek680 (73)

talk about eye-satisfacation

sugarfi (626)

in firefox it just switches between images with no transition

slip1244 (255)

@sugarfi oop looks like ff doesn't support css based svg transforms yet

Lodish (4)

This awesome!!!!!!
Should get more up-votes

DannyIsCoding (694)

This is soooo satifying

Bookie0 (5936)

Dude so satisfying whaaaaaaaaaa!

Warhawk947 (552)

thank you, now my eyes are bleeding


this hurt to look at

stubaduble (15)

Wow, this is amazing!