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TextEdit - Tkinter Text Editing Program

TextEdit is a little program I made over a day. (fun fact: I basically made it because I wanted dark mode Notepad)

Okay, I'm bad at explaining my programs, just use it, it's pretty easy to understand.

Basically, you can click the FILE button to open the file dialog, open and save files, blah, and the THEME button, yada yada...

(is this enough info? I literally made the program, so ik how to use it, but is this enough info? and the text in the program? IS IT ENOUGH?)
NOTE: Im still trying to get the file dialog to CLOSE AGH until then, um, actually idk


Fun fact:
Apple owns text edit! I'm not sure if this inspired the name, but cool project!


@RohilPatel I actually didnt know that! The name I just came up with on the fly.


Thanks for the information!


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