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Text RPG Game
manoucherin (2)

A random encounter sim that is entirely text-based. Designed to continue until you die or choose to quit, which means you never back down from a fight!

i am new to coding, so the code itself is not optimized, it was just a fun project i was working on. i didn't know how to do switch statements when i wrote this

peternielsen112 (37)

Bro. I can't guarantee anything but ping @PYTHORE3605 and ask to join our team TextRPGS because we developing. ANd i think it would work awesome

still gon updoot

peternielsen112 (37)

@PYTHORE3605 You are the admin of our TEXT RPGs TEAM this dude is awesome do we have an open spot

peternielsen112 (37)

@PYTHORE3605 That's unfortunate... but... look:

That makes like I dunno two open spots

PYTHORE3605 (103)

@peternielsen112 when i went into it, it said it was full

peternielsen112 (37)

@PYTHORE3605 two people plus 6 is 8... check again and post screen shot please