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Text Based RPG
P7JordanD (0)

Welcome to my own Text-based RPG. It isn't the most original concept on this platform, but the code and the ideas for the gameplay were thought of by myself (minus the help I found on many Reddit feeds on turning strings into lists).

You can battle enemies, talk to npcs, visit locations and find loot on your adventure. Combat is made to scale with the player as well as having some rng elements to keep things fun. You can even save your game! Be careful not to enter a letter when the game asks for a number, or it will crash (I'm working on a way to fix this, Python is weird when it comes to variable types).

The title you chose in game will change the gameplay to change up the difficulty. If you want to play the game like it was before this update, type any number besides 1-9 when choosing a title.

P.S. there is a weird bug at around 160 encounters, please save your game before then to prevent you from losing progress.