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Luchadordragon (19)

Tetris by @Luchadordragon

Created by @Luchadordragon, Markdown instructions by @peternielsen112.



Use the arrow keys (left, right, down) to go left, right or down.

Use the up arrow to rotate the active piece.

Scoring (comming soon):

You score more if you clear multiple rows at a time. The higher the level, the higher the score!


Thanks to everybody who helped with the project! @peternielsen112 for Markdown formatting,

Leaderboard (comming soon):

Post a screenshot of your score in order to receive credit!

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peternielsen112 (38)

Cool & pog but bro u can't rotate the pieces... add controls/instructions. I can do markdown styling 4 u if u want

Luchadordragon (19)

@peternielsen112 oh sorry about that will do! Also I would like if you do style it for me. cheers!

Luchadordragon (19)

@peternielsen112 thanks so much! Im on a tight schedule with shcool, tests ect. so this is appreciated!

peternielsen112 (38)

@Luchadordragon no problem. If ya wanna collab or anything then feel free to ping me