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Test doucument but on database
julianNnn (1)

This is a repl that you can write something and post it on repl's basic database, its good for saving notes and writing something you cant remember.

its still on [BETA] because i hadn't made the real LOAD future but still shows all text document that people had saved.

when it runes, start typing what ever. when you are done, press enter. and you have some options, 1: save, 2: discard, 3: load from others and yours notes. "1" saves it on repl, "2" discards the document, "3" lists all saved notes and documents.

Have Fun :)

if you find a bug or a glitch, pls tell me in the comments. it would be helpful in the future :)

julianNnn (1)

pls don't write repl passwords or private information, this can be a violation to rep, and might get me band...