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Test Adventure Quest - Part One
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Text Adventure Quest!

Part One...

Hello, you can call me Noah, and I'm the owner of this game. I wanted to say "creator of this game.", but I'm not the only person who worked on this game. I did do some stuff, like creating the story as the game progresses, and basic code like,

print("I didn't understand that/n")

The two very special beans who helped me on this game are Muffinlavania and OlauPla. They were the ones who added the more complex code, like the scrolling text, and the text colors, and they also helped fix the errors too.
Now I don't wanna spoil it too much, but this game is a text adventure game where you go into a forest, and you have to battle monsters and get to where you need to go. Keep in mind that this is only part one, and that part two will come if you all seem to really like this game.
I decided to now make this your typical go save someone, like a princess thing, like Nintendo > (and they wonder why Xbox and Playstation are better than them). In this game, what you are doing is saving the fate of the world, as if falls into your hands.
This repl is not finished, however. Because, if you want, you can remix this repl and add stuff to make it better, and maybe if I like it, I'll make it the official first part of my game. Now I know there might be some things that could use fixing, but I see those as things that you could remix and make better, or those could be things you put in the comments. To be honest, I tested the game and thought that I liked it the way it is, so now it's time for you all to see it and tell me how exactly you like it.

Phew... all that writing gives my hands a cramp, I should go get a drink. gets up and falls into a portal that brings me to the entrance of a forest you find yourself at the entrance of a forest, do you wish to enter? (yes\no) Oh no...

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