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Terminator Themed Submission for the BramJam
CodeSalvageON (604)

Well folks, I have finished my submission to the BramJam. It is a Terminator themed game.

The game isn't really "multiplayer", but you do add one more terminator destroyed to your TechCom unit's count.

Your objective is to fully arm the building's EMP. The only problem is, you aren't alone. Rogue terminators have found their way into the building, and they don't want you to arm the EMP. Use your rifle to hold them off until you can arm the EMP.

Due to the game being heavily client dependant, it may run slow or just not work at all in some cases.

Submission for @bramley 's horror game jam.

AngelCastroo (0)


25+ kills

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

It gives me a fnaf vibe because of the limited amo and the jumpscare

RayhanADev (2521)

This seems pretty nice, but the “Create Identity” button doesn’t work for me. I used iPad Safari, Chrome, and then Mac Safari, Chrome. No luck ;-;.

CodeSalvageON (604)

@RayhanADev has been acting pretty weird with servers today. Here, you can use my account:
PASSCODE: (the f-word, all lowercase)

RayhanADev (2521)

@CodeSalvageON oh nice password xD. The game is actually really interesting, first try I spammed the EMP but terminator killed me :P. Second time I spam like crazy for 10 sec, shoot, spam again, shoot, and I got to 100 but it just took me home (is it supposed to do that?). Pretty nice game gg! btw, some of the terminators in the gallery don’t show up properly.

CodeSalvageON (604)

@RayhanADev yeye everything you mentioned was on purpose, I didn’t put a proper “you win” or “game over” screen because I’m lazy :P

RayhanADev (2521)

@CodeSalvageON lol nice. Great jumpscare lmao.