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Terminal Ouija





Terminal Ouija is a terminal-based "choose your own adventure" with a dark twist.
You (the player) find yourself at an odd antiquities shop, where the proprietor offers to show you his most-treasured relic.
Before you know it, you are trapped in a terrifying séance, surrounded by some of the most deadly horror movie villains of all time.

Ages 10+


This game was made entirely with the magic of Node.js

Play the Game


The easiest way to experience the thrill and terror of Terminal Ouija is to check out the online REPL.

  1. Make your browser fullscreen
  2. Start the REPL
  3. Have fun

*Note: the opening animation isn't quite as smooth on the online REPL. But hey, at least it's online.


You can also experience the spooky thrill offline on your own device with just a few more steps.

  1. Ensure you have Node.js (version 12 or later) installed
  2. Clone this repository or download the zip file and extract the files
  3. Open up a terminal window and make it fullscreen
    • for the proper aesthetic effect, make sure your terminal has a solid black background, with white letters
    • for Windows users, I highly recommend downloading and using Windows Terminal
  4. Navigate to your new Terminal-Ouija directory in the terminal
  5. Start the game with the command npm start
  6. Have fun
2 years ago



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