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TermiMail: A 90's User Friendly Mail Application
HarperframeInc (456)

Introducing TermiMail

TermiMail is a project I've been working on to test Navigatable Menus without libraries like Curses. This is in a very very early stage, and I hope I get a lot of users to test the platform.
TermiMail features input boxes and password inputs, although it's very limited. What I think makes TermiMail stand out is the input boxes. I was able to fit in a multi-line input box into Termi. One of the bonuses of Termi is the adaptable

How it started

This project dated back to the 1800s where my... just kidding. It all started when I was messing with termcolor, .center, and os.get_terminal_size. I was able to make a GUI out of this, which helped inspire me into creating TermiMail.


  • Multi-Line Box input does not allow removal of lines
  • Cannot go back to previous input boxes
  • Cannot leave Menus
  • Cannot Log Out
  • Insecure
  • Cannot traceback emails
  • Pycrypto Package loading too long

Helpful Info

This can easily be cracked. Sorry...
I used JSONstore because I understand it alot, but can be easily cracked, I would like suggestions that are similar to JSONstore.
Also, to break from the multi line statements, do Control-C (It raises KeyboardInterrupt)

Active Test Account Information

Current Active Test Accounts:

  • test1
  • egg

Depreciated Test Accounts:

  • Test


Please upvote if you want more Termi.
Termi is powered by JSONstore.

Ask Me on Termi to my active testing accounts!

MatthewDoan1 (333)

This so cool. Finally, I can tell my friends to boycott Gmail!