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Tell me what you think | CarProject
OblivionTDW (6)

Hi everyone! My name is OblivionTDW. I would like to know your opinion on my project. I have been working on this at school. I would like to know what you guys (and gals) Think. :) Thanks for your time. Here is the link :)

jdw136 (7)

Really loved the site. The color choice is pretty good, the images were well picked out, there really wasn't any visible bugs, and you picked a color scheme and stuck with it for all the pages in the site. But the only problem is with the box that asks for you name. Not only is it ugly (since it's the generic box), but in general you shouldn't be up in a users face asking for their personal info. So the only fix is that I would move the name box, and put it on the side of the page somewhere. But otherwise great job!

OblivionTDW (6)

@jdw136: Thanks for your suggestion. This site was just for practice. I wanted to see how well I can use w3.css. It turned out pretty good. I glad with the result. :) I am also glad that you like it too. I will remove that name box. I think you may have a point with stealing your information thing. Thanks for your opinion. jdw136 :) Your opinion was very helpful. :D

jdw136 (7)

@obliviontdw: What even was the point of collecting someone's name? Does it play some key role in a script?

OblivionTDW (6)

@jdw136: No it doesn't really. It just plays a role in welcoming newcomers to the website. The javascript I used doesn't record any information. It only displays what you type in the bar. For example, if I type in "banana" in the text bubble, It will say (Welcome "banana") but not in quotes. I hope that helps. :) I have noticed that not many people read other people's projects. However, I see you on almost all of them. I think you are a real help to this community. :) Thanks for your help.


jdw136 (7)

@obliviontdw: That's actually a great idea, it just needed to be executed better. I recommend using Javascript web storage to store a persons name so they don't have to input it every time they visit the site. You also should not make the box an alert and instead make it an input box on the page. Here is one of my own simple sites as an example...

And here is the source code that makes it work...

And if you need a better guide than examples here is a great tutorial that I used to learn Web Storage...

It's a bit of a pain to work with at first, but Web storage is really important for any site. Good Luck!